Cool Infrastructures

What are the materials, technologies, relationships and forms of knowledge with which marginalised urban residents work to keep cool in overheating global cities?

Cool Infrastructures is a three year research project that aims to enhance our understanding of the social and technical infrastructures for cooling in contexts of urban poverty across South Asia, Southeast Asia and Sub Saharan Africa.


COVID-19 UPDATE: Since April 2020 we have been working to understand the impact of pandemic response strategies on heat exposure, see below for links to current research.

Open data on COVID-19 and Heat-Health published

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, it became clear that poor communities living in high density urban environments across low- and middle-income countries in the Global South would confront the combined effects of COVID-19 and extreme heat. Whilst mitigation measures – such as lock-downs, home quarantines and social distancing – were going to prove difficult …

Work complete on large scale, remote survey to understand impact of COVID-19 lockdowns on heat stress

As part of our engagement on COVID-19, in August 2020 the Cool Infrastructures project completed a rapid, large scale data collection exercise across four cities in India, Pakistan, Cameroon and Indonesia. The exercise was intended to produce critical information and resources about the nexus of Covid-19 and extreme heat for particularly vulnerable urban populations.