Cool Infrastructures

What are the materials, technologies, relationships and forms of knowledge with which marginalised urban residents work to keep cool in overheating global cities?

Cool Infrastructures is a three year research project that aims to enhance our understanding of the social and technical infrastructures for cooling in contexts of urban poverty across South Asia, Southeast Asia and Sub Saharan Africa.


COVID-19 UPDATE: Since April 2020 we have been working to understand the impact of pandemic response strategies on heat exposure, see below for links to current research.

Cool Infrastructures at the 8th Global Dialogue Platform

On Friday, Elspeth Oppermann from the Cool Infrastructures team presented the initial results of the Covid-Heat Nexus survey, in a session put together by the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre and the Global Heat Health Information network. Don’t forget you can find the new, cleaned-up data set for India, Pakistan, Indonesia and Cameroon’s survey …

Covid-Heat Survey: refined dataset now available

Since uploading the raw data a few months ago, the team has been hard at work cleaning it up for greater ease of use. We have been double-checking translations, coding open questions and removing superfluous information associated with the data collection process. To view the new ‘cleaned-up’ dataset, go to the Edinburgh repository site here: …