Research Opportunities

If you are developing an Undergraduate or Masters level dissertation project and would be interested in connecting to the Cool Infrastructures project, this page outlines current areas of interest to the team.

Please note that we do not have any allocated funding for these projects, students may need to apply to funding schemes in their home institution.

Title and Broad Description Candidate Attributes
Heat-Covid Nexus. In 2020, Cool infrastructures collected survey data from over 4400 respondents in Pakistan, India, Indonesia and Cameroon regarding their experience of heat exposure and Covid-19 measures. We are looking for students to either apply and potentially extend an analysis protocol to the data for Pakistan, Indonesia or Cameroon, or to conduct new types of comparative analysis across the four countries in the study.  Undergraduate of Master’s degree or training in: public health, sports science, mathematics and statistics, or similar. 
Cool Infrastructures The Cool Infrastructures project will run 2020-2023. It examines how people living in informal settlements with limited access to power and water manage extreme heat. It is focussed in Karachi (Pakistan), Hyderabad (India), Yaounde (Cameroon) and Jakarta (Indonesia). Team members are based at institutions in these cities, as well as in Singapore, Paris (France), Edinburgh (United Kingdom), and Munich (Germany).   Undergraduate or master’s degree in any of the following (or equivalent), preferably with a keen interest in interdisciplinary work: Engineering, Design, Architecture, Planning, Social Anthropology, Sociology or Human Geography.